Nude + Black OOTW

I should probably start calling these posts 'looks of the week' as I literally have only enough time for one post a week!

I have to say, this is probably my favourite look I've ever blogged about. Nude tones plus lace up heels and touch of designer is just me all over! I absolutely love the new lace up trend and my collection is currently growing with these new cream suede babies! 

I'm not gonna lie and pretend that this jumpsuit is from a high street store because it isn't ... I'd like to introduce a garment from the one country you can get these items of  clothing pennies. Oh yes you guessed it - China. Ali Express to say the least, although it takes a bloody life time to arrive you kind of expect it when you pay so little so I won't grumble! I get the fact that you pay buckets to get perfectly made pieces from pure quality fabrics that last you forever and believe me if I had the money to get the best things in life these chinese wonders would not be an option. I am a peasent and this is all I can afford to get the look and keep you guys updated! 

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