My first London Fashion Weekend!!

I've always had a massive interest for fashion. The amount of designers that come up with different, unique ideas to express their view of fashion is just beyond intriguing. Which is why I enjoyed London fashion weekend yesterday at Somerset House so so much! Every body there looked AMAZING, so glamorous, & knew exactly what to wear. But It wasn't just the catwalk that amazed me with their latest garments, it was the people around me that have the creative minds to put an incredible outfit together. There was such a lot to look at. Wherever you looked there was inspiration from head to toe!

One of my good friends maddie invited me to go with her which I appreciated such a lot. We both had such a lovely day, at our first time at London fashion weekend. We experienced it thoroughly in other words! ;) by doing as much as could by taking every advantage that was offered! We had our pictures taken in the canon studio & also with the diet coke hunk to celebrate their 30th anniversary! A very good way to capture our memory at the Somerset house.

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