My bargain outfit ;)


I've finally had a nice relaxing week off which has made me find the time to think about my style and to be a bit more adventurous with it. When it comes to getting dressed in the morning I don't actually bother with putting much thought in to my outfit. I'm always choosing the lazy option by grabbing the one and only comfy suggestion - LEGGINGS. I am so so bored with wearing leggings it's getting irratating now. I strongly believe that if you choose the right outfit it makes your day and lifts your mood massively!! Which is why I am determined to wear anything BUT leggings! I'm sure everyone notices that when you put on a shit outfit you feel shit! Then when you're on a night out you can get away with making more of an effort, so you feel and look lot better?

Anywaaay I thought I'd play around with my new purchases, mainly dark colours, highlighting it with a coloured maxi skirt and nice statement necklace..
Jacket - Peridot London - £25
Top - Primark - £3.00
Aubergine maxi skirt (with side splits) - Topshop - £20
Leggings (double pack) - Sainsburys - £10
Pointed wedge boots - eBay - £7.95

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