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On one extremely windy evening when visiting my Parents new home by the sea, I decided to take the chance to talk about my new leather shirt with the sea view behind me. I wish I'd got better pictures but it was really windy and a storm was coming so the weather was a bit cold and wet and just allll over the place! So this was indeed a quick one!

This beautiful tan leather shirt was a hand me down from an old friend of mine, and from the purity of the leather, take my word for it - it smells amazing! 

You can style it the same way as you would with a denim shirt as it has that thick, reliable material, you can treat it like a jacket. With the tan toned leather I would only dress this with black or white jeans to compliment the leather shirt. This look also looks good buttoned up half way from the bottom to show full chest above the cleavage (not chest as in boobies!) with a dainty chain or two to rest on the neck.

Teaming it with my new pointed ankle boots reminded me so much of western style! I love that whole leather and boots combo, that's a style for me that will never get old! A good pair of leather boots never goes a miss, but they have to be 100% leather 1. as they will last you years and years 2. you can notice the difference so much between real and fake leather - it's so worth the expense! 3. The leather ages so it looks better and better, the longer you have them. 

This look is good for girls who like the rough and tough kind of look -  I can't see the girly girls going crazy over this! But it does look good on everyone!

As this shirt hasn't been snatched off All Saints shelf recently you can get a similar one from here at Muubaa. Who undoubtedly do some of the best leather pieces I have ever seen so take a look at the rest of their website because it's incredible! 

Tan Leather Shirt - All Saints
White V Neck Tee - Topshop
Black Leather Panel Bottoms - River Island
Black Ankle Boots - Office Shoes

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