Bathroom Reveal

The one and only room in the house that we can say is actually complete (apart from a decent wash bin) with the main bedroom not too far behind, yay!

I have always had my heart set on black fittings and luckily sharing the same taste as Olly as per usual made every decision pretty easy and entirely equal. Making the convincing run well and truly smoothly.

With renovating from a bungalow in to an actual now house, I can't exactly do a before and after as the whole of upstairs is completely fresh, sparkly and new! However once the downstairs loo is done, expect to see a transformation post then because it will be a big change for sure!

The tiles were the biggest decision of all as we had so many things in mind that we wanted to go for. We were split between honeycomb and herringbone for the layout pattern of the tiles and took us what felt like forever to finally make a decision...  we actually went with neither! LOL. The whole thought of everything flowing through from room to room was/is really important to us so after a long hard think we went with the tiles that will be going on our kitchen floor to go in also the main bathroom and the downstairs flooring loo too. For us, having 2 or 3 different tile types run throughout the house was just a bit too much for our personal taste, and settling for the kitchen tile gave us a huge feeling of relief knowing we were going for the right and safest choice.

We decided that running the tiles from the floor to the wall saved the whole idea of having to look for another tile for the wall too and ended up creating the best effect which we're both really happy with!

The most exciting part of the bathroom for me is the beautiful Lusso Stone sink that we were obsessed with as soon as we laid our eyes on it. With there being no typical round plug hole,  water falling in to the centre of the sink - the design for that was enough for us! We both appreciate different ways of functioning designs. If you haven't heard of Lusso, you need to get involved  - absolutely everything they have to offer is beyond stunning. Although carrying a stone sink up the stairs was a big fat challenge! When it comes to preferences of straight or round edges I much prefer a straight edging and that goes for pretty much everything as I have probably mentioned time and time again throughout my blog. I love having the choice for even with the smallest of details, including the bottle trap and extention tube to sit directly under the sink that is very much on show. The statement of it just had to be square and bold.

If you're a great lover of grey like we are, then you'll understand the great struggle it is to pick a grey colour that doesn't LOOK BLOODY PURPLE...OR BLUE. Ohhh my gaddd the struggle is real and we have come to terms with the fact that picking absolutely anything out in grey aintttt easy. So. What colour did we first paint the bathroom? Yes. Grey. Was it actually grey though? No. Course it wasn't. It actually was a faded lilac. Ew. So much ew. So my really lovely brother in law took a whole day out of his own time to paint our bathroom white for us. It was highly satisfying to see! Bon Voyage purple and thank you very much Sam!!

Overtime I'll be picking up bits and pieces to add to it but for now we will be enjoying the beauty of how it is looking right now.

Let me know what you think.

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