Need For Feed.

Noo this was not an excuse to show off my delightful shiny new work tops and yess that was 100% a total lie.

There is absolutely no such thing as too much chocolate and most certainly no such thing as too many snacks for that matter, so allow me to introduce to you exactly what you need. Need for Feed.

With a world full of meal substitutes in bars, cakes, shakes and more, we now have another nice alternative meal replacement for the non gym bunnies too! As Feed jam pack these bars with not only just enough protein but fibre, minerals and vitamins too - all the good stuff. To fill a hole when your feeling that slight bit peckish and when in need for a bit of an energy kick with not being put off with sneaky high calories and sugar either. A win, win situation right there! What is honestly not to love?

Move over Nutella! Currently spreading this hazelnut dream on anything that has a surface from toasted bagels, into porridge and on the beautiful base of my Sunday morning homemade pancakes. YAM. To be teamed with a generous dose of a hot cup of brew as there is no better combination than tea and toast.. Except for pizza and champagne - but we're not talking about that sort of breakfast right now.

Don't you hate it when a bag of goodies says that horrible, unnecessary word on it - Share. No. These are absolutely not for sharing because they are much too good for that. That goes for all those goody bags to be honest. These gorgeous dark chocolate balls have serious crunch to them and are incredibly delicious and more-ish, safe to say they did not last five minutes shortly after taking these pictures. I was hardly going to wait once I had at least one decent shot to share with you guys.

This post is in collaboration with Feed. 

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