Summer Evenings

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We all love date nights with the better halves, especially in the Summer time!

As it has been so unbearably hot these past couple of weeks  I chose this really light playsuit for the perfect delicate, playful look. The lace detail makes the whole piece, it'd probably be a tad boring without it to be honest... plus it's white too so helps that gorge Summer glow, so what's not to love?! 

As the playsuit is white I thought a little hint of fuchsia would go a long way, the only way I could do this was with lipstick and nail varnish as it's teeny tiny detail - anything like a clutch or shoes may have been a bit too much. Remember, less is more ;)

You cannot go wrong with pointed courts. I absolutely love them! They can make any outfit look incredibly classy - hence why the look with ripped jeans and pointed shoes has been floating round a lot lately! If they can dress up a pair of ripped jeans, they can dress up anything!! Speaking of which I have a certain pair of special pointed courts for my future posts soon, so keep your eyes peeled because it is definitely worth the wait... 

As I like to keep accessories rather simple most of the time, I paired my silver hammered bangles with this outfit to add a hint of class! 212 VIP is one of my favourite perfumes for evenings, especially date nights! 

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  1. Adorable outfit! I love white it is so chic for the summer :)


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