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First of all... how gorgeous is my mum?! She's such a beaut.

As it's my 21st in October Mum, Dad and I planned this little trip to Harrods to pick out my Louboutins that I've wanted for a pretty long time now! We chose to do it early as we all know how crappy the weather is in October so why not enjoy it in the Summer? They are the most perfect pair I have ever laid my eyes on and I fell in love with them as soon as they slipped on my feet and pranced around the Christian Louboutin boutiques scarlett red carpet. Needless to say, every single woman needs AT LEAST one pair of Louboutins. My collection starts now. Obviously I'm not having them yet as I've got to wait until my birthday... kind of heart breaking I know, so all will be revealed from that bag in the first week of October...

Harrods brings happiness like no other. I died and went to heaven when I first stepped in there. It may have even beaten my love for Harvey Nics... 

You know when you walk in to your favourite shop and you see something that you absolutely fall head over heels in love with and don't have the heart to walk away? That was me in Harrods - but with almost everything from Acne, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Celine to Alexander Wang, you name it I desperately wanted it. If I had the money I could have spent a fortune quicker than you can say McQueen! In other words it is a very dangerous place for women who lurrrv to shop! One guy was even in the mens department making shoes! How incredible is that? Only in Harrods...

One pair of beautiful Louboutins later and we accidentally fell in to Zara and my lovely Mum bought me this jacket that was in the sale. Bless her. I wanted a cream leather jacket for ages and since this was in the sale and actually ... not cream (it's baby pink) I thought well that's not massively tempting!! *sarcasm*

Watch this space for the upcoming Louboutin blog post!! :)

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  1. Love a classic white jean with stripes. Hot!
    And so jealous! Louboutin day out sounds amazing! xx

  2. Every girl 100% must own a pair at some point in her life, Im excited to see you post about them!


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