Pink Leather

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Pink leather is my new found love! I'm not a massive lover of pink to be completely honest, but when it comes to pastel pinks or soft pinks I'm all over it!

As this tone of pink is quite subtle it goes with a whole lot more, so pinks the new white - right? I am absolutely in love with this jacket! Call me crazy but I cannot wait for Winter!! Not only to wear this beaut of a jacket but I miss snuggling up and I think I prefer winter fashion deep down but I'm not going to put a big downer on Summer as I do LOVE the sun, everyones happy which makes me happy! I think it may have something to do with the fact it's cold at Christmas. Yes I am a Christmas lover fo sho.

Anyway that's enough of Winter, we hardly get to see much of Summer so let's appreciate it shall we!

I love the fact I accidentally had the same leather type and pink tone in shoes as I did the jacket, they were made for eachother! Could you imagine Topshop and Zara combining? Amazing designs, at a nicer price? Mmm I like the sound of that! I have had these jeans for a long long time now, I was close to chucking them out as the zipper is buggered but I thought hell nooo, so I just wear long tops with them LOL. But to add to it's remarkable 'broken bits' I went for the latest trendy look and stuck a pair of scissors in the knees and ripped the crap out of them! Felt good knowing you cannot go wrong with rips in denim so no pencil marks were made that day... 

Pink Leather Jacket - Zara
Cream Leopard Print Top - Topshop
Black Jeans - Topshop
Pink Pointed Flats - Topshop 
Grey Bag - French & English Confectioners

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