Ibiza Uniform

Firstly I'm going to start off with the fact that I am not actually going to Ibiza which kills me even to say that let alone the whole thought of it! I'm just obsessing over swimsuits (not bikinis just swimsuits) so much at the moment, and with the whole world apart from me going to Ibiza this year I thought a swim post would be more than ideal!!

I don't know about anyone else but the higher the leg on swimsuits the better, I actually LOVE that whole 80s look. Anything with a high leg that you see, I already love it. Bikinis are good too with a high leg but swimsuits look way better with that whole high leg shiz...

I would've added the whole ibiza look with the odd sunglasses, don't get me wrong those new Dior shades that everyones talking about are well worth a mention but I thought this should be all about the sexy swimsuits!

On my selection you will find a mixture of metallics, slogans, lace up swimsuits, prints and mesh!  Nothing too in your face but enough detail to make you stand out when your partying hard on that beaut of an island!

Hope you like it!

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