Wolford Collaboration Fall 2015

As many of you may know Wolford are known for no other than their luxury hosiery collections, which has stretched to other departments such as ready to wear, lingerie and shape wear. 

Wolford are renowned for their outstanding quality, lasting you a life time of beautifully made products, which has appealed to the likes of Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna and soo many more!

The famous Austrian brand have asked me to choose from their stunning Fall 2015 collection, which did not take me long at all to decide! I have been lusting over the whole seam look for a very long time now and since they gave me the choice I couldn't think of any other design I would love more! Even the black in the Induvidual 10 back seam is just as lovely and can be worn with endless styles. 

In my opinion nothing is more sexy than finishing a formal and sophisticated look off with a simple thin seam running down the back of the leg in to a high, provocative stiletto... (Louboutins do it best!).

I'm also wearing Wolfords Pure Body which goes perfect with my all-black theme. The body is seamless and a wardrobe staple that you'll need on many occasions I can assure you.

FYI being a big Wolford fan myself,  I also have the Berlin Body in caper (khaki) which is a little thicker than the Pure but is absolutely gorgeous as it has a slight shimmer to it making it a very loveable statement piece.

Get the look here...

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