Easy Evening Wear

When it comes to figuring out outfits for evenings my mind is just all over the place. I feel as though I have completely worn pencil skirts utterly to death! So I was desperate to find something different. It really irritates me when I wear the same look/outfit more than once or twice - sounds ridiculous but it can't be helped! Taking full advantage of the smart, dominant look that's been floating around for a while, I decided to go for a simple light shirt, dark jeans and strappy heels. 

Whatever style you're into and no matter how much of a girly girl you may or may not be, these white shirts need to be in your wardrobe and stay in your wardrobe! They are so so handy and can completely transform your look (not the work office kind of shirts though, please don't get them mixed up, this is supposed to be a relaxed look rather than "cheers for dinner, I'm going to work now, byeee!" Hell no, put that shirt awaaay!). 

I was preparing myself for evening outfits as we were meeting my ma and pa in the New Forest. I planned to wear this outfit to a particularly posh restaurant but it was very hot that day and I had a teeny weeny bit of sun stroke so I had to have my legs out in the open with no trouser contact whatsoever! The next evening at a not-so-posh restaurant, I wore my hair down with this outfit as it tones it down a bit, as I like to think hair up in a clip is much more of a delicate look that creates more effort to your outfit - which would've been good to do, as planned - damn that sun stroke!

PS - Makes a great dinner date outfit!

White Shirt - eBay
Black Shimmer Jeans - Topshop
Black Strappy Heels - Carvela Kurt Geiger
Small Rusty Brown Clutch - T K Maxx
Sunglasses - Michael Kors

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