ACDC 40th anniversary!

So since hearing about ACDC’s 40th anniversary tour announcement I thought I’d do a beloved post to express my beyond excitement and what you rock chicks could be wearing to their concerts! Tickets or dates haven’t even been released yet but I can’t help but feel ecstatic!! I went to go and see them in Tampa FL at Christmas in 2007 and it was hands down one of the best experiences of my life! There’s no band like ACDC and to think when I saw them that it was my only chance I had to see them live has completely taken me by surprise!! I won’t be happy until I get my paws on some tickets!! 
Here’s one of my many DC tshirts that I should definitely rock more often! Making the most of the latest trends whilst it’s on it’s last legs until the new trends gradually stumble out and shove it out the way. I hadn’t tried out the whole 90’s look of tying shirts around the waist so gave it a shot with my skort and open buckled booties! 
I would’ve made more effort with my hair but I’m just about to go for a run so it seemed prettypointless, besides - who doesn’t love a good messy bun ay?!
PS I have only just started putting on Garniers Summer Body Lotion (a few posts below) so sorry if I blind you with my abnormally albino skin tone!!
Roll. On. Summer.
Top - ACDC Tour Stand After Gig
Skort - eBay (Zara Copy)
Open Buckled Boots - TopShop
Checked Shirt - Abercrombie & Fitch
Sunnies - My Nannies

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