Todays Wishlist...

My wish lists change like the bloody weather. Change as in just added to... not like I'd turn it down if it was given to me - I just want more and more all.of.the time! My life would be a whole lot easier if I wasn't bothered about fashion in the slightest.
This Givenchy necklace is actually a Men's necklace but who cares? I don't! It's freakin' beautiful and would most definitely look better on women! I wouldn't be exactly 'over the moon' if I saw my other half wearing it anyways...
Most of these bits are Givenchy to be honest, who is my absolute fave designer at the moment, you literally cannot fault their designs lately - so different and unpredictable. I've wanted the Antigona Tote for a long long time now, and still can't decide whether I like the patent black to the gradient leather one? It's so difficult! Although the beige one is bloody gorgeous as well! Without doubt one of those bags you can have in many colours. I think many people will see this bag as quite plain but I love it for that reason, plus it's nice to be a tad different to everyone else.

Need I say anything about the Giuseppe cage heels?!

Don't ask why but I've always had a slight attraction to rope detail; hence why I find these Jimmy Choo's flawless! Something about the whole gladiator look is really starting to warm to me as well right now...

This jacket is kind of Wintery buuut I find Khaki so hard not to love!

Silver Thorn Necklace - Givenchy
Floral Skaters - Givenchy
Black Medium Antigona Tote - Givenchy
Black Cage Heels - Giuseppe Zanotti
Keane Braided Rope Heels - Jimmy Choo's
Clerkenwell Jacket - Belstaff


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